Crowdbooster – Accessible Social Media Analytics

For all those data lovers out there, you are going to love Crowdbooster. It provides business-class analytics and it also has a free version for individual accounts. So plug in and let the data-fest begin.

Targeted Recommendations

Don’t know how to grow your reach and influence and get the Klout score you’ve always wanted? Let Crowdbooster recommend who you should reach out to, what sites to tweet about and when is the best time to schedule your tweets.

I’m a newbie and Crowdbooster is still learning my social profile so it is only giving me what seems to be pretty generic times to get the most out of my tweets. I bet it will change as it gets to know me better (and I become a more regular tweeter).

At-a-glance analytics

This measures potential impressions, retweets and replies in a slick bubble map fashion (and for you data geeks, there’s a table view as well). Use this data to observe which tweets get the most retweets and analyze why.

This is pretty straight forward and not bad for a free service. I would like to see some comparison with tweets from other people who tweet about the same type of stuff or just get tons of retweets. The compare and contrast would give greater insight into how to improve my tweets.

Deep audience insights

This is hyped up, but it’s still useful. It shows your top retweeters so you can easily see who loves your content and shares it with their followers. So in one place you can manage your relationship with your top followers and then try to find more like them.

It would be better if there were a way to interact with those people right there. A static report is nice, but doing something with it is better.

Other Tidbits

Other services have a content scheduler, but with the recommended time to tweet, it’s that much better than other schedulers.

For an individual user, this is pretty cool. It lacks enterprise functionality for it to be a serious business tool, but it’s okay for startups and small companies. That being said, I wish it could track your personal Facebook profile and not just a Page. It’s probably because it uses Facebook insights to get its data and I don’t think that’s available for Facebook profiles.


What do you use to track your social impact?