Social Media for Business – The Social Domolution

Josh James, founder of Domo, has started a social experiment…a #DomoSocial experiment. I was at the kickoff last Tuesday and I have to be honest, I have mixed feelings.

Analysts have asked, “Is social media for business?”, but the elephant in the room is – What if this explodes in our face? We’re in the middle of working our brains off to get an awesome product out the door as soon as possible and this experiment threatens our ability to focus and get the job done.

SaraJoy Pond, Senior Designer – Infographics, shared her reservations about #DomoSocial. Maybe this isn’t the right way to go about the new social universe.

Or is it?

Here’s what Josh said about #DomoSocial:

The program is designed to get everyone here engaged with and learning from consumer and social technologies. We believe this will help us develop a better product, understand the viral nature of web offerings more effectively, assist in getting the Domo brand out there and enable better customer conversations.

Now I’m getting excited! I love technology and awesome web experiences and this program will help me become more of an expert in this space and therefore allow me to provide better value to our customers.

Heather Zynczak, CMO at Domo, gave her reasons why she is excited:

• Increased Social IQ
• Improved Product Quality
• Leveraging employee voices for brand awareness

Do you feel the energy rising? You know I do!

And Josh means business. He is “instituting a social IQ test into [the] hiring process.” So for all those hoping to work at Domo, you better brush up on your social knowledge.

During this kickoff meeting, the PR part of me kept raising red flags. As we all get more social, someone is bound to say something that will come back and bite us. Julie Kehoe, VP of Communications, put me at ease when she went over the Dos and Don’ts:

…it’s a good tip sheet for how not to get fired.

Let the Games Begin

To answer my analyst friends, social media is definitely for business. So, I want to see how social Domo can really be. We are part of an experiment, so let’s experiment with…

Twitter Tuesday = Domo Tuesday.

It’s a long held tradition to get together Tuesday night on Twitter. So I’m inviting all my Domosapien friends to come join me this Tuesday, May 15th at 8pm MDT at #DomoTuesday.

To help facilitate our first #DomoTuesday, I’ve created a TweetGrid URL you can use:

I don’t know how long everyone will want to stay on. This is all brand new. But let’s remember Josh’s tweet on How to Cure Social Media Paralysis – Point 4: Focus to drive relationship-building versus broadcasting.

On our quest to become more social and knowledgeable with technology, I look forward to see what happens and hope to see you all there.

Question: What do you think about the #DomoSocial experiment?