Alice Hansen – God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Alice Hansen with BabyIt’s never easy to lose someone your love. One of my friends lost his wife (33 years old) just days after delivering their third child (and only girl).

Tears swelled up during her funeral service yesterday as I remembered her and thought of the loss her husband and family faces.

I first met Alice during my undergrad where she accompanied one of my musical theater classes. I remarked how pleasant she was to work with and how good she was at reading the actors, which is a hard skill in my opinion.

It was years later that I would meet her again in line to get some BBQ at a BYU MBA opening social as her husband was starting the program with me. The first thing I recognized was her shining smile.

Her husband is also an accomplished pianist and he accompanied me during the MBA talent show. He’s a true professional.

I only mention that because I can only imagine the richness they both shared with music and I bet he will feel close to Alice every time he plays.

I don’t pretend to understand the pain he’s going through right now with the loss of his beloved wife and the struggle he will undoubtedly go through in raising three kids on his own.

My heart pains for him and his family. My thoughts and prayers go to them. I pray that their pains will heal and that they will feel comfort from our Savior Jesus Christ. For it’s only through His atonement can families be together forever.

Joyous will be their reunion after this life is over.

If any of you wish to learn more about Alice or help the family she left behind, please visit the Alice Hansen Family Fund.