Is Disqus SEO Optimized?

DisqusOver the weekend I was helping someone with her blog and recommended Disqus for the blog’s comment platform. Comments are very important to her and she asked if Disqus was SEO optimized.

I was stumped!

SEO optimization is something that I’ve studied, but I wasn’t as familiar with comments as I wanted to be.

From reading a marketing page from Disqus, I saw that it claims to be SEO optimized and that its comments are “organically crawled unlike any other comment platform.”

That’s fine and dandy, but I couldn’t find anything to back it up.

On a random night many moons ago, I remember finding a YouTube video of someone stepping through Disqus and how dodgy Google crawling was on its comments. Granted that was a while ago. Maybe Disqus is better now?

An FAQ page talked about how Disqus was now an iframe and how it supposedly helps with SEO, styling and privacy.

The iframe is part of our solution to provide full indexing of Disqus comments by Google and other search engines, without having to duplicate content on your website (e.g., through a WordPress plugin).

I’m not sold yet. Let’s ask Twitter.

Waiting for his reply, I did some due diligence and did a Google search on my site with a keyword that was only in a comment.

Eureka! Google found it!

That’s some good news since I use Disqus and love it. However, there are still some lingering questions.

Digital Marketing Manager at Disqus Amanda Nudelma stepped into the Twitter conversation and said iframes can be crawled, but this is always at Google’s discretion. If you want to be 100% sure, load comments in HTML.

She continues by adding that WordPress loads comments automatically in HTML. See full Twitter conversation here.

Disqus SEO Tweet

The confusion comes from Disqus’ FAQ page where it says that the new Disqus iframe platform delivers no duplicate content on your website (e.g., through a WordPress plugin).

So which one is it? Is there no duplicate content or are my comments loaded into the HTML?

I’m not going to stop using Disqus, but I want to know so I can speak intelligently about it to others seeking advise.

Comments, as always, are welcome.