SEO Tactics That Move the Needle

WordPress SEOOff-Site Optimization

SEO tactics that are not implemented on your website or generally referred to as Off-Site Optimization.

Practically every off-site optimization tactic can be put into a big bucket called Link Building.

Link Building

Remember the heavy weight Google places on anchor text? Links with anchor text from external websites have even more weight than your Internal Linking anchor text (as mentioned above with the Google Bombs).

Wait a minute!

How can I control the anchor text that someone else puts in a link to my web pages?

The short answer – You can’t.

That’s what Google intended. It figured that listening to what others are calling your web pages via anchor text is the best way to know what the page is about.

Even further than that, the more external links pointing to your web pages indicate to Google that your web pages are popular and should rank higher.

The moral of the story: The more links to your website, the better – even if the anchor text is bad.

Link Building Tactics

Some tactics are better than others to get links to your site.

  • Link Bait (content that other’s want to link to whether it’s funny, exclusive, or what have you)
  • Guest Blog Posting
  • Article Submissions
  • Press Release
  • Web Directories

Using SEO Firms

Be careful in hiring an SEO firm to do your link building. They will basically write articles on other websites that are related to your website and place a link to your website.

Although this sounds great, Google can smell fake traffic a mile away. There are organic patterns of how a web page becomes popular and how its traffic increases. It’s difficult to simulate this.

Also, make sure you know who owns the articles and links. If you decide to stop using the firm’s services, what happens to the links? Do they disappear? Do they just stay and hang around on the web?

Make sure you investigate thoroughly before you invest.

My personal advice is to stay away from them and to do things yourself. The reason I like this approach is because you control everything that’s happening and since you are doing it according to the resources you have, it will grow more organically and it will be more “real” to Google.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is definitely a factor in search results, especially with the introduction of Google+. This only makes sense because this is where the conversations are happening on the web.

The more people who are having conversations about your web pages, the higher ranked they will be. What happens on the social networks is also a huge indicator of whether something will go viral or not.

Final Thoughts

Even though this is a long post, each of these sections could easily have many more pages expounding on the principles that I have only scratched.

I hope that this helps you with your website.


What questions do you still have about SEO?

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