Is Disqus SEO Optimized?

DisqusOver the weekend I was helping someone with her blog and recommended Disqus for the blog’s comment platform. Comments are very important to her and she asked if Disqus was SEO optimized.

I was stumped!

SEO optimization is something that I’ve studied, but I wasn’t as familiar with comments as I wanted to be.

From reading a marketing page from Disqus, I saw that it claims to be SEO optimized and that its comments are “organically crawled unlike any other comment platform.”

That’s fine and dandy, but I couldn’t find anything to back it up.

On a random night many moons ago, I remember finding a YouTube video of someone stepping through Disqus and how dodgy Google crawling was on its comments. Granted that was a while ago. Maybe Disqus is better now?

An FAQ page talked about how Disqus was now an iframe and how it supposedly helps with SEO, styling and privacy.

The iframe is part of our solution to provide full indexing of Disqus comments by Google and other search engines, without having to duplicate content on your website (e.g., through a WordPress plugin).

I’m not sold yet. Let’s ask Twitter.

Waiting for his reply, I did some due diligence and did a Google search on my site with a keyword that was only in a comment.

Eureka! Google found it!

That’s some good news since I use Disqus and love it. However, there are still some lingering questions.

Digital Marketing Manager at Disqus Amanda Nudelma stepped into the Twitter conversation and said iframes can be crawled, but this is always at Google’s discretion. If you want to be 100% sure, load comments in HTML.

She continues by adding that WordPress loads comments automatically in HTML. See full Twitter conversation here.

Disqus SEO Tweet

The confusion comes from Disqus’ FAQ page where it says that the new Disqus iframe platform delivers no duplicate content on your website (e.g., through a WordPress plugin).

So which one is it? Is there no duplicate content or are my comments loaded into the HTML?

I’m not going to stop using Disqus, but I want to know so I can speak intelligently about it to others seeking advise.

Comments, as always, are welcome.

  • You can use curl or wget from the command line to see what a search engine spiders sees (You may have to install them first). You can also ‘view source’ and search for a word in the comments that is not in the post. I don’t think iframes would be a problem, but javascript triggered loading (ajax) might.

    • In my view Search Engines are intelligent enough to render javascript and check content.
      Now a days most of the website load content using ajax. Search engine has to be at the top of it. Because content (loaded directly or over ajax request) is their business.
      Also Google is the one working on v8 javascript engine of chrome, dont you think they can write application to parse (,render or execute) javascript for crawling purpose.

      • This is not true currently. Google search engine and various others do not parse javascript well, especially advanced javacript such as AngularJS and other SPAs. Just use this: on sites which run as SPAs. My company is currently working on a solution called SnapSearch to help Search Engines crawl through HTML5 websites.

      • jlchereau

        Working on, I have made extensive tests which you can find at and check at
        The conclusion is:
        – Google reads the head section (title, meta tags) of your page before executing any JavaScript so there is no way to set a page title or description in JavaScript;
        – Google executes JavaScript, including linked apis like jQuery, and catches its effects on the body section of your page as long as the code is not “too complex”. I could not find a clear definition of “too complex” but I suspect there is some kind of timeout, which would make sense.

        • Awesome thanks for sharing the link. Can you share its source code in github so that community can add more test and we can work together to improve it.

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  • There are a few points I’d like to touch on here, and I’ll break them down below:
    The current version of Disqus was designed to be fully compatible with the next generation of Google’s crawlers. Comments are rendered in an iframe (as you noted) in a format that is accesible for Google. They have been making steady improvements to ensure that their crawlers can gather information from applications like Disqus, and you should continue to see improved results.

    Site owners can achieve the full benefits of SEO from Disqus in a few ways. Our WordPress integration is one of our most seamless, and automatically syncs all comments from Disqus to WordPress. You then have the option (enabled by default) to render the synced comments in the HTML of the page. This ensures comments are available for crawling.

    If you’re not using WordPress, you can still sync comments (for backup or SEO) by integrating your site with our API, as outlined here: (note that this may take some development skills).

    • Thanks for the additional information. I love how easy Disqus is to use and I’m happy to hear that you are staying ahead of the SEO curve.

      • So links that are generated through disqus would be the dofollow or nofollow? Let me know….

        • I would like to know that… how to they treat links…

        • If you inspect the link @Amanda left above, you see that it includes rel=”nofollow”. So while the comments are indexed by Google, links within comments do not benefit the commenter from an SEO perspective.

  • Amanda or Joel, Can you please help me understand this a little more?

    I was recently at a SEO workshop where the presenter claimed that because Disqus is a comment system and uses iframe that the comments were not “mine” on my WordPress site and so were therefore not improving my SEO.

    From what I read here, my understanding is that because I am using the Disqus WordPress plugin with the default options enabled my comments are being “rendered in HTML on the page” so Google and other search engines are seeing the comment conversations as “mine” and thusly improving my SEO. Am I correct?

    Interestingly, the post that has garnered the most comments is one about Disqus Discovery! I like Disqus quite a bit but often worry that it does scare off some potential commenters.

    • Disqus definitely does not use an iframe and it definitely does encourage communication. I wouldn’t worry about those two things! It’s news to me though that Disqus is best optimized when using the WordPress plugin. I’m curious to test this out myself.

  • I just did some digging. Normally when you view source of a page using an iframe, you will see the iframe code. I viewed source of this (WordPress based) page: to see if I could find that disqus commenters comment in ALL CAPS. I can see it in plain text. Then, I searched Google to see if I could find this same by searching words in the comment. Attached are my results.

    • chrism2671

      Only works when using the wordpress plugin. Does not work at all using any other integration.

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  • Anyway, it works well for me and I kind of feel I get the best of both
    worlds with this solution. It isn’t “easy” to code this all out, but I
    feel the approved comments add a lot to the articles I post here and
    thus want them indexed by the search engines.

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  • thanks for share but as the domain got attached to the site provide inlinks then what left its show excel in ranks to as i tried to comment so many blogs through disqus


    Thanks for having the same problem. Makes me want to start a website called “IS ______ SEO because I always have to look for that. Thanks for having the answer, Joel!


    Just installed Disqus after reading this. wordpress plugin is a little fussy, username is full email you signed up with not just basic username. Hope that helps some folks.

  • i think they still do not hurt, it is good to be socially active and not a one hit wonder

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  • Still not convinced.. need some solid data before switching.. keep it coming.

    • jupiterjim

      I am with you. If the commenters are getting a “nofollow” link back to their site, there is some benefit, but it is minimal. PLUS with the login feature of DISQUS, those two things make DISQUS less desirable to the commenter in my opinion. No one wants SPAM, but sometimes commenters need a little incentive like a “DOFOLLOW” link back to there site. For the BLOG owner, I’ve heard that DISQUS does cut down on SPAM, however, so I guess that’s a plus, right?

      • I *REALLY* have to want to comment on a site to even bother signing in with DISQUS. Basically, it diminishes my interest in interacting with a blog. I would be FAR more inclined if I know it would give me a dofollow backlink, or something of use to my own site.

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  • So this if this is a Diqus comments page, theoretically if I conduct a google search for “Purple Alien Tour de France Winners”, I should find this page!

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      • chrism2671

        This is misleading. Its working, but probably not the way you expect. What you’re seeing is the action of the WordPress plugin for Disqus, which clones the data from the Disqus servers and outputs it as straight HTML into the page. This means it will only work if you use WordPress + The Disqus plugin. If you use any other platform, e.g. Drupal, and use the standard Disqus javascript embed, it won’t work.

        • thedavidmeister

          Totes. Drupal CNW then.

    • Adrian

      I just tried just that, and top of the list on google, was this blog article!

    • David Fights

      I would like to check whether this comment on appears in Google. “Scam Call Fighters (SCF) on”

      Incidentally, at SCF, telephone call and text scams are exposed.

      • Yeah this showed the Purple Alien search on Google at Number 1. Nice. Just wondering, if our Disqus profiles are also crawlable?

  • druvision

    Disqus comments can be SEO-friendly, but this is not out of the box. You have to use their API (ref:

  • i don’t want read more. If You wrote this article in april and now in september You have still disquis, disquisi is a good experience for You, as You can see i have D. in my site, i hope it will be all right

  • I reached here searching about the same stuff, the question of weather disqus is seo optimized or not. I have not worries about the disqus being seo optimized on wordpress, because yes it believe it is seo optimized on wordpress, as I am using their own plugin so it covers everything.

    My worries are about disqus being seo friendly or not when we are just using their global code in custom scripted pages, with all the recommended variables set. There do we have to do an extra call or have to save the comments locally so we can show them in div for google crawler.

    For example on such custom code is implemented on this page: , this is just one example page out of many, so what do you say, is this implementation seo friendly or not, if anyone could clear my confusion, it would be great.


    • chrism2671

      It’s only SEO friendly if you use the WordPress plugin. All other integrations are not supported SEO wise- they won’t be indexed at this time or for the foreseeable future.

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  • This is because Disqus adds content to your page dynamically using
    Javascript and AJAX calls. Disqus is not SEO friendly.

    • Petr Zachrdla

      If you’re true, could you explain me, how is it possible, that when you looking for sentence from this discussion (in quotes), google answers just this page? For example you can try “This is misleading. Its working, but probably not the way you expect.”. Any explanation?

  • Really its a true. Disqus is best optimized when using the WordPress plugin. I’m curious to test this out myself.

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  • Daniel Sodkiewicz

    Very simple test shows Google sees all the comments from Disqus. Just take one of the comment you see on this page which is few months old and copy it to Google Search box. For example Steve’s comment “You can use curl or wget from the command line to see what a search engine spiders sees (You may have to install them first). You can also ‘view source’ and search for a word in the comments that is not in the post. I don’t think iframes would be a problem, but javascript triggered loading (ajax) might.”

    Link for lazy:’view+source’+and+search+for+a+word+in+the+comments+that+is+not+in+the+post.+I+don’t+think+iframes+would+be+a+problem%2C+but+javascript+triggered+loading+(ajax)+might.&oq=You+can+use+curl+or+wget+from+the+command+line+to+see+what+a+search+engine+spiders+sees+(You+may+have+to+install+them+first).+You+can+also+’view+source’+and+search+for+a+word+in+the+comments+that+is+not+in+the+post.+I+don’t+think+iframes+would+be+a+problem%2C+but+javascript+triggered+loading+(ajax)+might.

    You can see your page and the comment in search results.



  • I agree with Rahul Prasad’s opinion below, Search engines is very intelligent to know content in comment using javascript or even flash files 🙂

  • Mmm knew this was the case. Thanks for the legit confirmation!

  • So, what is the conclusion? Does Disqus help with SEO or not? I’m not sure. The blogs where I’ve posted comments and that use Disqus don’t show up in my SEO site audit as a nofollow backlink.

  • Disqus is SEO compatible? Cool!

  • Just spent a few hours installing Disqus on to and now I’m not so sure if this was the right thing to do or not from an SEO point of view?

    • We are thrilled with Disqus…
      Would not want my site to be without it.
      You will learn very quickly how easy it it to use.
      All the best!

  • yodaflame

    They wanted to make sure the two links they put to their own site on EVERY single one of your comment-able pages was getting indexed by Google.

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  • I just installed Disqus on my website ( and was curious too if was SEO optimized. Leaving it up to Google’s “discretion” seems kind of sketchy. There is a lot of valuable content in comments sometimes that needs to be taken advantage of.

  • You can use snuggle or wget from the control range to see what a robots recognizes (You may have to set up them first). You can also ‘view source’ and look for for a term in content that is not in the publish. I don’t think iframes would be a issue, but javascript activated running (ajax) might.


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  • Disqus works fine comments get indexed and serchable by google not sure what else do you want from it =D

  • Late entry to the conversation – but comments themselves aren’t really a big source of link juice are they? I mean, if they were, then comment spam would be meaningful as a black hat SEO tool.

  • Guest

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  • Any consensus on this? Does dropping a link to my website One Month Spanish pass any link value? Does the text in the comments become included in the indexed content of the page?

  • Konstantin

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    On links from other sites in my visitor stat menu the Disqus backlinks show up as and not links from other pages.
    Other than getting a few extra hits, I don’t think Disqus is that good for SEO backlinking.

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  • Seems only work with WordPress Plugin

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  • google recently updated its search engine to be able to index javascript and iframes

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    Still getting mixed reviews on the usefulness of Disqus in regards to SEO. All I know is, I’ve been able to drive plenty of traffic to my site using it. If anything, it helps build your audience and can lead to more direct visits to your website if it has an authoritative presence.

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  • Or pick a name

    In another blog I read that disqus did not support anonymous posts. This is incorrect since there are many “Guest” posts in this thread. In this comment I’m testing the “Or pick a name” feature to see if an anonymous poster can have an unverified custom name, instead of just ‘Guest’. Disqus asks for an email and 6+ character password. Disqus sends a confirmation email. I provide a real email address but I have not yet acknowledged/verified it. Let’s see what if this post gets displayed.

    Also, I came here to learn about seo+disqus and I think I now understand, and I think I’ll setup disqus on my site. Thank you

  • I am considering disqus for our site also. We have quite a lot of comments and I know there is a tool to convert but I’m also wondering if it doesn’t work out how easy is it to go back. Has there been any resolution on this issue?

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  • They are using an iframe, I just checked, so the comments will be on the Disqus webpage, and attributed to them. Therefore the comments should not hurt your SEO, however, you are essentially linking out to Disqus, but they are, from my experience, also linking back to you, though through a second tier, do follow link on a non indexed profile page …

    I do not use Disqus just too keep the content fully on my own website. I believe you lose just a drop of link juice, but nothing to worry about.

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