Domo Tuesday

Feeling depressed at night when you finally leave work and go home? (I know I do since I work at Domo.) Missing the synergistic energy from your co-workers? Are you solving hard problems in the loneliness of your basement?

Well don’t reach for your Prozac. Go to Domo Tuesday!

It’s a virtual Twitter party every Tuesday at 8pm MDT. (I know…some of you are still at work and that’s okay.)

How do you join? Simply follow the #DomoTuesday hashtag starting at 9pm on Tuesdays and you’re there. Join the fun or be one of those freaky observers.

Tweet Grid is a great web app to help facilitate these sort of things.

Put #DomoTuesday in the hashtag input box and all your tweets are automagically in the mix.

What are we going to tweet about? That’s up to you. It can be work related, personal or whatever. Just remember not to get yourself fired!


  • What: Domo Tuesday
  • When: Tuesdays at 9pm MDT
  • Where: Twitter
  • Why: Because
  • Who: You know who