Crowdbooster – Accessible Social Media Analytics

For all those data lovers out there, you are going to love Crowdbooster. It provides business-class analytics and it also has a free version for individual accounts. So plug in and let the data-fest begin.

Targeted Recommendations

Don’t know how to grow your reach and influence and get the Klout score you’ve always wanted? Let Crowdbooster recommend who you should reach out to, what sites to tweet about and when is the best time to schedule your tweets.

I’m a newbie and Crowdbooster is still learning my social profile so it is only giving me what seems to be pretty generic times to get the most out of my tweets. I bet it will change as it gets to know me better (and I become a more regular tweeter).

At-a-glance analytics

This measures potential impressions, retweets and replies in a slick bubble map fashion (and for you data geeks, there’s a table view as well). Use this data to observe which tweets get the most retweets and analyze why.

This is pretty straight forward and not bad for a free service. I would like to see some comparison with tweets from other people who tweet about the same type of stuff or just get tons of retweets. The compare and contrast would give greater insight into how to improve my tweets.

Deep audience insights

This is hyped up, but it’s still useful. It shows your top retweeters so you can easily see who loves your content and shares it with their followers. So in one place you can manage your relationship with your top followers and then try to find more like them.

It would be better if there were a way to interact with those people right there. A static report is nice, but doing something with it is better.

Other Tidbits

Other services have a content scheduler, but with the recommended time to tweet, it’s that much better than other schedulers.

For an individual user, this is pretty cool. It lacks enterprise functionality for it to be a serious business tool, but it’s okay for startups and small companies. That being said, I wish it could track your personal Facebook profile and not just a Page. It’s probably because it uses Facebook insights to get its data and I don’t think that’s available for Facebook profiles.


What do you use to track your social impact?

Social Media for Business – The Social Domolution

Josh James, founder of Domo, has started a social experiment…a #DomoSocial experiment. I was at the kickoff last Tuesday and I have to be honest, I have mixed feelings.

Analysts have asked, “Is social media for business?”, but the elephant in the room is – What if this explodes in our face? We’re in the middle of working our brains off to get an awesome product out the door as soon as possible and this experiment threatens our ability to focus and get the job done.

SaraJoy Pond, Senior Designer – Infographics, shared her reservations about #DomoSocial. Maybe this isn’t the right way to go about the new social universe.

Or is it?

Here’s what Josh said about #DomoSocial:

The program is designed to get everyone here engaged with and learning from consumer and social technologies. We believe this will help us develop a better product, understand the viral nature of web offerings more effectively, assist in getting the Domo brand out there and enable better customer conversations.

Now I’m getting excited! I love technology and awesome web experiences and this program will help me become more of an expert in this space and therefore allow me to provide better value to our customers.

Heather Zynczak, CMO at Domo, gave her reasons why she is excited:

• Increased Social IQ
• Improved Product Quality
• Leveraging employee voices for brand awareness

Do you feel the energy rising? You know I do!

And Josh means business. He is “instituting a social IQ test into [the] hiring process.” So for all those hoping to work at Domo, you better brush up on your social knowledge.

During this kickoff meeting, the PR part of me kept raising red flags. As we all get more social, someone is bound to say something that will come back and bite us. Julie Kehoe, VP of Communications, put me at ease when she went over the Dos and Don’ts:

…it’s a good tip sheet for how not to get fired.

Let the Games Begin

To answer my analyst friends, social media is definitely for business. So, I want to see how social Domo can really be. We are part of an experiment, so let’s experiment with…

Twitter Tuesday = Domo Tuesday.

It’s a long held tradition to get together Tuesday night on Twitter. So I’m inviting all my Domosapien friends to come join me this Tuesday, May 15th at 8pm MDT at #DomoTuesday.

To help facilitate our first #DomoTuesday, I’ve created a TweetGrid URL you can use:

I don’t know how long everyone will want to stay on. This is all brand new. But let’s remember Josh’s tweet on How to Cure Social Media Paralysis – Point 4: Focus to drive relationship-building versus broadcasting.

On our quest to become more social and knowledgeable with technology, I look forward to see what happens and hope to see you all there.

Question: What do you think about the #DomoSocial experiment?

SEO Tactics That Move the Needle

WordPress SEODue to popular demand, I am putting the content of my presentation on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a blog post for my class and anyone else interested.

As an assignment, I was given an article by Rich Brooks – How to Rank Higher at the Search Engines in 5 Minutes and 27 Seconds.

I like what he had to say, but most of this blog post is from what I’ve learned from my own experience and study.

On-Site Optimization

This is everything that you can control on your site and the foundation of any SEO strategy. Everything else you do will either be enhanced or hindered by how well your site is optimized.

How to choose keywords

Ever wondered what it means to optimize a web page for search engines? You’re not the only one.

I’m going to teach you how I prefer to do it even though my way is backwards from what a lot of industry experts say.

My way is to focus on your audience/customer, write compelling content, and then worry about optimizing.

Use Customer’s Words

Wouldn’t your content be much more compelling if you used the words your customers did?

This is where social media can help. Search Twitter and find people talking about what you web page is about. Don’t forget to find what your competitors are talking about as well.

Become an expert on what words are used and what the jargon is for the content on your web page.

Write Awesome Content

After you are familiar with your customer’s needs and how they talk about it, write awesome content that addresses their pain in their language.

Don’t worry about search engines or keywords yet. That’s coming next.

Choose the keywords

What do people search for on the internet? This question may seem elementary, but this is an important concept. It’s important because once you know what they are searching for we can talk about how to make it easier for them to find you.

Google has a great Keyword Tool that helps you understand what people are searching for.

Using this tool, do a search that you think your audience is searching for. (Check the [Exact] box on the left so that we get exact matches on what you are searching for.)

If you need help coming up with keywords, look at the awesome content you just wrote and write down the main ideas of the page.

When you do a search, you’ll see the number of times someone searched for those keywords. Pick the one with the highest number of searches that makes the most sense in relation to your web page (and error on the side of making sense).

If you want more information on this, check out how to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool for SEO.

Titles, Headers and Body…Oh My!

You’ve written compelling content, chosen some relevant and highly searched keywords, and now it’s time to optimize your web page.

This is where I recommend a WordPress SEO plugin called WordPress SEO by Yoast.

This plugin will walk you through some simple steps to make your web page fully optimized.

  • Article Heading
  • Page title
  • Page URL
  • Content
  • Meta description

Taking it one step further, this plugin has a Page Analysis and Advanced features to optimize the page as much as possible.

Not using WordPress? Now might be a good time to consider using it. But if you are going to stick with something else, Yoast has a great website with SEO tips so you can do it yourself.

Internal Linking

You may notice that I do Internal Linking, especially when I’m talking about my Finish Year 2012. Internal Linking is simply a link that goes to another page on your web site.

You’ll notice that I keep you on the same window (or tab) when I do Internal Linking; whereas I take you to a new window (or tab) for external links. I’ll let you wonder why I do that. I’m so cruel.

The anchor text of a link is what Google looks at to help determine what that page is about. So in my example, “Finish Year 2012” is the anchor text of my Internal Link and that is telling Google that I think that page is about “Finish Year 2012.”

Anchor text weighs heavily in Google’s algorithm in determining what a web page is about. Its weight is so heavy, in fact, that some people use it as a Google Bomb, although some Google Bombs are unintentional.

Since you have complete control over your website, Google expects the anchor text of your Internal Links to be very relevant to the destination page.

Don’t go overboard though; Google is actually penalizing sites that are “over optimized” with internal linking and other SEO tactics.

Off-Site Optimization…continue reading.

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Super Bowl Ads 2012

A new tradition of mine (since last year) is to watch all of the super bowl ads. You might just find the next best commercial of all time.

I just finished watching all the ads and wanted to share the ones that connected to me the most.

Pepsi – King’s Court

This one was the most moving for me. There’s something about standing up to oppression and giving a voice to the oppressed that is truly inspiring.

The X Factor winner Melanie Amaro has a powerful voice and is surprisingly grounded.

Chevy Silverado

This is my second favorite. I love how it’s playing off the idea that the year 2012 is the end of the world.

I also enjoyed the shout out to Twinkies. It’s like they are saying “Twinkies will keep coming despite the end of the world.”

Audi Vampire Party

I like the humor on this. It’s playing on the hot topic of vampires right now and it’s well done.

The problem I have with it is that the feature that it’s highlighting is something I despise. Who likes driving down the road and being blinded by a car with LED lights?

I don’t.

I think it’s a safety hazard and should be illegal.

Okay, so besides my annoyance with bright, blinding lights, I was very impressed. There were a lot of great ads and I love how the VW made a shout out to their awesome 2011 super bowl ad.

One great takeaway I have from watching the super bowl ads this year is that I am cutting my ties to Go Daddy. I don’t want to associate myself with a company who is obviously trying to attract porn sites.

It’s going to cost a pretty penny to transfer my 20+ domains, but it’s worth it. I don’t want to support a business that supports porn.

Question: What is your favorite 2012 super bowl ad and why?