And So It Begins…

Random thougHope Word Handht – Life is full of restarts.

What I mean is that we are ever learning and ever growing in our understanding. And when we take a step back and look at something we’ve done over and over and over and over again, we realize there’s another way.

I asked a co-worker the standard ‘How’s it going?’ small talk and I was blown away by his response :

“I’m living the high life! And loving it!”

His enthusiasm was palpable and contagious. And so I’m deciding to try to catch this enthusiasm.

It’s a long lost friend that I thought was always with me until I realized that there’s more.

No hype, no gimmicks, just a fresh view at the world around me.

There’s hope!

Forget about tomorrow – today can be an awesome day (even if it’s approaching midnight). Tomorrow will take care of itself.