An Optimist’s Perspective

Every cloud has a silver lining

In light of recent events, one might find it easy to get discouraged. However, like every dark and gloomy cloud, there is a silver lining – a glimmer of hope.

Now before you discount this as wishing thinking, I must disclose that I am a self-proclaimed optimist and I have real world experience in this since I made my decision to be an optimist at the age of twelve.

That’s right, optimism is a choice.

I’m also a realist and I don’t ignore the real, hard facts of life.

The difference for me is that I choose to view those real, hard facts in a way that allows me to make a decision with optimism.

Okay, so with all the bad things that happen in the world, how can you be optimistic about your life or the human race? Stay tuned, as I will attempt to distill my years of experience as an optimist into a blog post series.

Question: What is optimism to you? I’ll give you my definition forthcoming, but until then please comment below.

  • Carol Ng

    Unfortunately, for someone like me who has a background in risk management (actuarial work), I am the ultimate pessimist. I plan for the worst and expect the worst to happen. Does being an optimist mean more risk taking? Where to draw the line between being an optimist and unrealistic? I don’t know but would be very interested to see your next post.

    • I’m glad you’re interested. That will give me motivation to get moving on this series. 🙂 I plan on writing some out during my Independence Day observance.